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I watched a video that looked interesting, titled "Is homosexuality a mental disorder?" (Youtube username was gayCULTUREeducation.) I thought I would find out something new and interesting, but lo and behold! ...It was just another homophilic propaganda video. (insert sad/bored face here) The "scientist" even had the audacity to use ye olde Kinsey reports. (Among many other things Kinsey did wrong, he hired pedophiles to masturbate children...just to study sexuality during childhood.)

I felt the need to warn the others, so I wrote, "This is bad science." in the comments.

One of the poster's friends, adamsochLA, retorted with, "the only bad science are: parents, the church and ignorant people BRAINWASHING youngsters that homosexuality is WRONG. But if they would educate themselves, listen to research and understand that "it is NOT a choice" things would change. The good news is that the majority of America is starting to understand. Just see the landslide success for all gay related ballots this November 6. The scientific research and the law is on our side, finally. It only gets better. Good science, that is."

I gave him my reply as, "This is real science:…
Anything that uses the Kinsey reports is VERY bad science."

To me, gayCULTUREeducation replied: "Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a reputable scientist, a pioneer and respected all over the world for his research and discoveries. Human sexuality is complex and SOME make it controversial. ANyone can say anything on the internet and beyond, but NONE can deny the importance of the KINSEY report, books and studies. The Kinsey Reports are GOOD science."

In the comments on his video, he told everyone else, "Regrettably: LovedWife1 needed to be banned since did not have a civilized discussion, but spread her/his hatred towards the gay community on this EDUCATIONAL page. Vaja con Dios."

So, I wrote my response to him thus:
"I have NO hatred toward these unfortunate people who have been abused and unloved for so long, but I AM a student scientist also. The way the Kinsey reports were collected confounds the evidence. You assumed because I disargree with you that I'm an enemy? This is typical of the pro-gay (not gay) community. They don't think first, they just react. Seventy-five percent of Kinsey's interview subjects were either from prison populations, or abnormally willing to discuss their sex lives. I just want good science, not skewed percentages. Kinsey himself was a masochist (another abnormal behavior), and you failed to mention the number of responednts who had sex with animals - a large enough percentage for Kinsey to call it "normal". Any other studies are fine. But, in order to be credible, you must throw out the Kinsey reports entirely.

"I have also reported you for cyberbullying because of your impulsive response. I know what you are trying to do, but there are serious repercussions in the true scientific community. Start doing better research."

...Look, if any of you reading this has been told by an "expert" or "scientist" that LGBT behavior is normal or healthy, and they use the Kinsey reports to back up their claims, get as far away from those people as possible. The Kinsey reports are your red flag that you are being lied to. Peace out!


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If you call thinking independently "homophobic", then that's your business. Keep your small mind off of my page.
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